Instrumentation Engineering Department

Department of Instrumentation Engineering was established in 1996. The Instrumentation department continues to excel, as the field explodes in importance and becomes ever more laboratory-intensive with:

  • 250 square meter of space including all laboratories

  • Experienced staff members

  • Well-equipped laboratories, networking, departmental library and public works center.

  • Our aim is to provide the highest quality education for future entrepreneurs in industry and academics. We take pride in our research, which will help in advancing the science of computing. We proposed to make our organization a model for the transition of technology between industry and academics.


  • Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory

  • Process Instrumentation Laboratory

  • Electronic Measurement Laboratory

  • Model Room

  • Faculty

    Name Shri. Sanjay T. Rajput


    Designation Lecturer in Instrumentation
    Qualification M.E.(Process Instrumentation)
    Specialization Process Instrumentation
    Subject Teaching PIN,EDP,PPT
    Mobile Number 9423338237/8275063762
    Experience I-6 yrs ,T-5 ½ yrs
    Papers Published Nil
    Courses / Trainings Attended Induction Phase-II,TEQIP
    Name Shri. Sachin B. Chouhan


    Designation Lectrer in Instrumentation
    Qualification B.E. , M.B.A
    Subject Teaching AIM, IME
    Mobile Number 8421469244
    Experience 08 years
    Papers Published
    Courses / Trainings Attended
    Name Shri.Saurabh D. Kharjule


    Designation Lecturer in Instrumentation
    Qualification M.Tech(Biomedical Instrumentation)
    Specialization Biomedical Instrumentation
    Subject Teaching EDC, CSY
    Mobile Number 8275940842
    Experience 3yrs
    Papers Published 3
    Courses / Trainings Attended 5
    Name Shri.Vijaykumar G. Suryawanshi


    Designation Lecturer in Instrumentation
    Qualification B.Tech Instrumentation
    Specialization Instrumentation
    Subject Teaching CHN,EIM
    Mobile Number 8446458246
    Experience 06 years
    Papers Published 02
    Courses / Trainings Attended 02

    Technical Staff

    Name Shri. Sachin M. Mahavalkar


    Designation Technical Lab Assistant
    Qualification Diploma In Computer Engg.
    Mobile Number
    Experience 03 years